Big Cat Diary

Thank you Channel 4. Classing programmes at 10am as ‘breakfast time’ really makes me feel better about my life choices!

I really hope that if I get murdered, the detectives investigating me don’t crack quite as many jokes over my dead body as Lewis and Hathaway!

Why am I feeling awkward about there being a French family in this Nelson exhibit….. It all happened in 1805! :P

When will people learn never to give someone an antique ceremonial dagger, if your village name begins with ‘Midsummer’ :P

Coordinating an alternate route to get Jaime here from my phone while chilling on a bench, just call me Mission Control :P



Guys there is shit going down in ferguson right now and I am not seeing anything about it.

As of RIGHT NOW they are being tear gassed like before.

Please see the livestream it’s important.

The police have forced the media into a small area.
And then they very purposefully used tear gas to force the peaceful protesters back out of camera range, and you can hear shots being fired off camera, as well as more tear gas canisters.